The North Dakota Safety Council is proud to be one of two training providers, for ONE BASIN – One Way!. This new standardized contractor safety orientation program is designed specifically for North Dakota’s oil and gas industry.



To us, this isn’t just another orientation. As a non-profit dedicated to preventing injuries and saving lives, this is a chance to drive fundamental change.


Why Choose The NDSC?

  • Convenience: The NDSC offers both IN-PERSON and DISTANCE LEARNING options. Open enrollment sessions are hosted at FIVE convenient locations, with Spanish-language courses available in select cities. Plus, with trainers located across the state, the NDSC can easily accommodate requests for private courses.
  • Quality and Dedication: NDSC trainers are true safety professionals with genuine Bakken oilfield experience. They combine the theory of safety with real life experiences from the field in a relevant, impactful delivery. 
  • Exceptional Service: Our instructors are committed to giving your employees the best experience possible. The goal is to for every attendee to walk away with a powerful, newfound attitude about their ability to stay safe on the job.



Before you can register, there are two steps to take:

  1. Request a ProCertX Account
  2. Create Student Profiles

Visit the North Dakota Petroleum Council’s official OBOW site for step-by-step instructions.


Get Started Now! 


Choose the NDSC!


Did you know you can choose your OBOW training provider? When selecting your course in ProCertX, look for classes tagged with “NDSC”.