The North Dakota Safety Council is proud to be one of two training providers, for ONE BASIN – One Way!. This new standardized contractor safety orientation program is designed specifically for North Dakota’s oil and gas industry.



To us, this isn’t just an orientation. As a non-profit dedicated to preventing injuries and saving lives, this is a chance to drive fundamental change.


Why Choose the NDSC?

  • Convenience: The NDSC offers both IN-PERSON and DISTANCE LEARNING options. Open enrollment sessions are hosted at FIVE convenient locations, with Spanish-language courses available in select cities. Plus, with trainers located across the state, the NDSC can easily accommodate requests for private courses.
  • Quality and Dedication: NDSC trainers are passionate safety professionals with genuine Bakken oilfield experience. They combine the theory of safety with real life experiences in a relevant, impactful delivery. 
  • Exceptional Service: Our instructors are committed to giving your employees the best experience possible. The goal is for every attendee to walk away with a powerful, newfound attitude about their ability to stay safe on the job. 







Choose the NDSC!

Did you know you can choose your OBOW training provider? When selecting your course in ProCertX, look for classes tagged with “NDSC”.