Give your employees a new perspective! Invite an NDSC Safety Consultant to be a virtual guest speaker at your next safety meeting or toolbox talk. Our expert instructors will supplement your safety conversations by providing a new point of view and fresh voice on your topic of choice!


Virtual Safety Talks aren’t pre-recorded. These are live conversations from a digital classroom. Whether you’re in the training room, breakroom, or at the worksite – all you have to do is login from wherever you have internet access.


As an NDSC member, you will receive free a 5-7 minute virtual safety talk, followed by a quick Q&A session. Choose from a library of 30+ topics, ranging from fatigued driving to falls prevention. Looking for a specific topic not listed below?   Submit your request and we’ll do our best to accommodate.


Click each box below to see a list of topics under each category.


Traffic Safety Topics 

              • Aggressive Driving and Road Rage
                • Learn to avoid these behaviors and what to do if confronted.
              • Compliance Safety and Accountability (CSA)
                • Learn how CSA works and why it’s important.
              • Driver Distractions
                • Learn the top distractions behind-the-wheel and tips to avoid them.
              • Fatigued Driving
                • Learn the signs of fatigue and best practices to be safe
              • Impaired Driving
                • Remind employees of the risks associated with impaired driving.
              • Lane Management
                • Discuss how to safely use and change lanes.
              • Proper Following Distance
                • Discuss the dangers of tailgating and how to calculate proper following distance.
              • Safe Passing
                • Learn how to apply the 4 R’s of a safe pass.
              • Seatbelt Use
                • Review the importance of the most basic safety precaution in a vehicle: wearing your seatbelt.
              • Speeding
                • Understand risk and time saving myths regarding speeding.
              • Winter Driving
                • Review basic driving tips for winter weather conditions.

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