Give your employees a new perspective! Invite an NDSC Safety Consultant to be a virtual guest speaker at your next safety meeting or toolbox talk. Our expert instructors will supplement your safety conversations by providing a new point of view and fresh voice on your topic of choice!


Virtual Safety Talks aren’t pre-recorded. These are live conversations from a digital classroom. Whether you’re in the training room, breakroom, or at the worksite – all you have to do is login from wherever you have internet access.


As an NDSC member, you will receive free a 5-7 minute virtual safety talk, followed by a quick Q&A session. Choose from a library of 30+ topics, ranging from fatigued driving to falls prevention. Looking for a specific topic not listed below?  Submit your request and we’ll do our best to accommodate.


Click each box below to see a list of topics under each category.


Occupational Safety Topics

  • Cold Weather Safety
    • Discuss important safety tips for working in extreme cold.
  • Effects of Cold Temperatures on PPE
    • Learn how the extreme temperatures in ND can affect your PPE and what to do when you exceed it.
  • Employee Communication
    • Learn key concepts for effectively communicating safety and other important information to your employees.
  • Hot Weather Safety
    • Discuss basic safety tips for working in extreme heat.
  • Human Factors in Safety
    • Learn some of the ways our brain can short circuit our safety and some of the strategies you can use to control that problem. Will discuss JSA/JHA, permits and PPE as controls.
  • Proper Selection of Chemical Resistant Gloves
    • Learn the basics of selecting the proper material for your chemical resistant gloves so that they do not fail.
  • Rigging and Signaling in Cold Weather
    • Discuss how extreme temperatures will affect your rigging equipment and crane and the methods for controlling the increased risk while exceeding those ratings.
  • Slips, Trips and Falls
    • Learn simple precautions you can take to reduce employee incidents.
  • Task Training
    • In the face of changing workloads, learn how to ensure your workers are properly trained when assigned new tasks.
  • Work Distractions
    • Discuss how home life stressors can impact the ability of a worker to safely perform their job.
  • Worker Fatigue
    • Whether it’s stress, shift work, or lack of sleep, learn simple precautions to identify and address worker fatigue.

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