Businesses Helping Businesses During COVID-19 Pandemic

Businesses Helping Businesses During COVID-19 Pandemic

Everyone has a role to play during a crisis. During the COVID-19 pandemic, some community members used their talents to create masks for frontline workers. Large corporations organized food drives for school-age children. And locally, businesses found ways to support each other during the unprecedented challenges presented by the pandemic.

At The NDSC, we are a non-profit organization and our primary source of revenue comes from safety training. But during the pandemic, the economic slow-down meant a significant loss of income.

“Our classrooms were nearly empty for months. We pivoted to offering virtual courses, but slowed work across all industries meant fewer workers needing training,” says Lynae Hanson, NDSC assistant executive director.

So, our company pivoted again. This time, devoting our time and talents to create a free webinar series to help guide businesses through proper pandemic planning and reopening processes.

“We knew businesses needed help, but we also understood the financial hardships they were facing,” says Hanson. “We wanted to remove the financial barrier that stood between them and their workers’ safety.”

The webinar series was attended by hundreds of business members from across the state. After the training, many calls came in and one of them was from a Bismarck-area attraction that called on the NDSC to assist them with a safe reopening.

“The Super Slide Amusement Park called us looking for guidance that would allow them to reopen while still maintaining the safety of their workers and park guests,” says Hanson.

The park quickly hired the NDSC to perform a pandemic safety assessment, as well as an all-staff training for park employees. After a two-month period of virtually no income, this was a welcome request for the NDSC.

“Their phone call came at a time when we really needed it. They probably don’t realize it, but their support meant the world to us.”

Hanson says it’s important for everyone to find a way to use their unique talents to assist each other in times like this.

“We need to remember that we’re in this together. Whether you’re a non-profit, or a large for-profit organization, we all have ways we can help.”

If you’re interested in the NDSC’s Pandemic Safety Assessments you can learn more here.