FREE COVID-19 School Webinars

NDSC, EAPC Architects Engineers Launch COVID-19 Webinar Series for Schools


From the school bus to the classroom, there are a plethora of scenarios to consider when reopening schools. To help provide clarity and guidance to administrators and staff, the NDSC and EAPC Architects Engineers have partnered to host a series of webinars:

Each course will include a “Coronavirus 101” session to provide a base knowledge of the characteristics of COVID-19 and how those impact cleaning procedures, hygiene, shared equipment and more.

Utilizing Virtual Reality, EAPC Architects Engineers will walk attendees through a school rendering to help show what new mitigation measures could actually look like in their school. This will include hallway traffic patterns; classroom seating layouts; cafeteria mitigation options and more.

Sessions will end with a live Q&A with ND Department of Public Instruction (ND DPI), ND Department of Health (ND DOH), as well as professionals in safety, behavioral health, healthcare, industrial cleaning, HVAC and design considerations.

The NDSC developed these courses in partnership with the ND DPI, ND DOH, ND Council of Educational Leaders, EAPC Architects Engineers, ND School Boards Association, ND United, NuVation Health Services, ND Small Organized Schools and Sanford OccMed.