Perform Self Audits

  • Download the ECCS Self Audit Checklists below for each safety program the Work Matrix requires you to submit.
  • Each item on the Audit Checklist MUST be in your safety program. You will need to enter, onto the form, the identifying location (page #, chapter, sub-chapter, etc.) of each item on the Audit Checklist and then highlight the required information in your safety policy.

Click here for example


ECCS Self Review Audit Sheets


Aerial Lifts.pdf Aerial Lifts
Aerial Lifts.xlsx Aerial Lifts
Asbestos.pdf Asbestos
Asbestos.xlsx Asbestos
Benzene.pdf Benzene
Benzene.xlsx Benzene
Bloodborne Pathogens.pdf Bloodborne Pathogens
Bloodborne Pathogens.xlsx Bloodborne Pathogens
Cadmium Lead Form.pdf Cadmium Lead Form
Cadmium Lead Form.xlsx Cadmium Lead Form
Confined Space.pdf Confined Space
Confined Space.xlsx Confined Space
Crane Operator.pdf Crane Operator
Crane Operator.xlsx Crane Operator
Disciplinary Program.pdf Disciplinary Program
Disciplinary Program.xlsx Disciplinary Program
Diving.pdf Diving
Electrical Safety (Non-Qualified).pdf Electrical Safety (Non-Qualified)
Electrical Safety (Non-Qualified).xlsx Electrical Safety (Non-Qualified)
Electrical Safety (Qualified).pdf Electrical Safety (Qualified)
Electrical Safety (Qualified).xlsx Electrical Safety (Qualified)
Fall Protection.pdf Fall Protection
Fall Protection.xlsx Fall Protection
Fire Protection.pdf Fire Protection
Fire Protection.xlsx Fire Protection
First Aid - CPR.PDF First Aid – CPR
First Aid - CPR.xlsx First Aid – CPR
Forklift.pdf Forklift
Forklift.xlsx Forklift
Grounding Conductor Program.pdf Grounding Conductor Program
Grounding Conductor Program.xlsx Grounding Conductor Program
H2S Specific Training.pdf H2S Specific Training
H2S Specific Training.xlsx H2S Specific Training
Hazard Communication.pdf Hazard Communication
Hazard Communication.xlsx Hazard Communication
Hazwoper (RCRA).pdf Hazwoper (RCRA)
Hazwoper (RCRA).xlsx Hazwoper (RCRA)
Hazwoper Emergency.pdf Hazwoper Emergency
Hazwoper Emergency.xlsx Hazwoper Emergency
Lifting Mobile Equipment.pdf Lifting Mobile Equipment
Lifting Mobile Equipment.xlsx Lifting Mobile Equipment
Lockout-TAGOUT.pdf Lockout-TAGOUT
Lockout-Tagout.xlsx Lockout-Tagout
NORM (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials).pdf NORM (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials)
Respiratory Equipment.xlsx NORM (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials)
Occupational Noise Exposure.pdf Occupational Noise Exposure
Occupational Noise Exposure.xlsx Occupational Noise Exposure
Personal Protective Equipment.pdf Personal Protective Equipment
Personal Protective Equipment.xlsx Personal Protective Equipment
Process Safety Management.pdf Process Safety Management
Process Safety Management.xlsx Process Safety Management
Respiratory Equipment.pdf Respiratory Equipment
Respiratory Equipment.xlsx Respiratory Equipment
Rigging.pdf Rigging
Respiratory Equipment.xlsx Rigging
Sandblasting Abrasive Blasting.pdf Sandblasting Abrasive Blasting
Sandblasting Abrasive Blasting.xlsx Sandblasting Abrasive Blasting
Scaffold (User Only).pdf Scaffold (User Only)
Scaffold (User Only).xlsx Scaffold (User Only)
Scaffold (User Only).pdf Substance Abuse
Scaffold (User Only).xlsx Substance Abuse
Trenching-Shoring.pdf Trenching-Shoring
Trenching-Shoring.xlsx Trenching-Shoring
Water Survival - Offshore.pdf Water Survival – Offshore
Water-Survival-Offshore.xlsx Water Survival – Offshore
Welding-Cutting and Brazing.pdf Welding-Cutting and Brazing
Welding-Cutting and Brazing.xlsx Welding-Cutting and Brazing