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The North Dakota Safety Council’s mission is to save lives by preventing injuries and deaths at work, on the roads and in our homes and communities. Our employees are passionate and dedicated to providing the highest quality safety training and leadership.


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Motor vehicle crashes are the #1 cause of
death for those ages 14 to 24. In fact, one teenage-driver crash
occurs every 2.6 hours in North Dakota


One person in North Dakota dies in a crash every 2.5 days.


One traffic crash occurs every 27 minutes.


‘Strain or Injury By’ and ‘Fall or Slip Injury’
together account for 67% of all wage-loss
claims  led with ND Workforce Safety &


The age group who files the most claims is
the 18 to 29 age group – accounting for
29% of all claims filed in 2011.


According to the Center for Disease Control,
the one-year cost of medical care and productivity
losses associated with injuries
from motor vehicle crashes in 2011,
exceeded $99 billion in the US.


Rollover crashes are the second most
common type of traffic crash in ND.


Crash investigations revealed that 82% of
rollover victims were not wearing their
seatbelt at the time of the crash. And 93%
of them were ejected from their vehicle.