Save A Life With These Simple CPR Tips!

Every 40 seconds someone in the U.S. has a heart attack and 75% of all out-of-hospital heart attacks occur at home. Less than 10% of cardiac arrest victims survive, but if a bystander treats a victim with CPR and an AED before EMS arrives, survival rates double or triple. It’s a fact – CPR and having an AED saves lives! Scroll down to the bottom for FREE Resources. 

The NDSC encourages everyone to equip themselves with the knowledge they need to BE THE HELP in a cardiac emergency by getting certified in CPR. During this life-saving training, you’ll learn the basics of performing CPR, including these simple steps:

  1. Check the victim for responsiveness. Tap the shoulder and shout, “Are you OK?”.
  2. If the victim isn’t breathing or only gasps occasionally, contact emergency services.
    1. If others are nearby, have someone call 911.
    2. If you are alone, call 911, provide details and then begin CPR.
  3. Lay the victim on their back and kneel next to their head and shoulders.
  4. Keep your elbows straight and position your hands, one on top of the other, in the center of their chest.
  5. Give 30 rapid chest compressions to a depth of at least 2 inches, at a rate of 100-120 per minute. Let the chest rise completely after each compression.
  6. Tilt the head and lift the chin, then give 2 rescue breaths each lasting 1 second.
  7. Continue the cycle of 30 compressions and 2 rescue breaths until:
    1. Victim wakes up
    2. An AED is brought to the scene and is ready to use
    3. Professional help arrives and takes over

Seventy percent of Americans feel helpless to act in an emergency. Don’t be helpless. BE THE HELP! To find a CPR course near you, go to

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