Key Issues and Statistics

According to National Safety Council Injury Facts 2015, about 93,200 people died from unintentional-injury-related deaths in 2013. That’s 93,200 times a young driver, mother, father, grandparent, or employee’s ordinary day turned tragic. North Dakotans are not excluded from the dangers of unintentional injuries and deaths that take place off-the-job.


o   National:

  • A person or vehicle is struck by a train roughly every three hours. (Operation Lifesaver)
  • 95% of all rail-related deaths involve drivers trying to beat the train or people trespassing on railroad tracks. (Operation Lifesaver)
  • More than 50% of people injured or killed while trespassing on railroad tracks had drugs or alcohol in their system. (Operation Lifesaver)

o   North Dakota:

  • There are 4,793 total crossings in North Dakota. 3,533 are public with 2,756 that have passive warning signs, and 582 that have gates and lights. The remaining 1,243 are private crossings. (Federal Railroad Administration Database)
  • Since 2010, there have been 138 highway-rail incidents with 56 injuries and 16 deaths, 14 trespasser injuries and 11 trespasser deaths in North Dakota. (Federal Railroad Administration Database)