Safety Tips
Safety Tip Sheets


Use the free, printable safety tip sheets below to help prevent injuries and deaths in North Dakota and make your community a safer place to live.


Agricultural Hazards Autumn Safety
Air Bag Safety Summer Safety
ATV Safety Tips Summer Safety
Babysitting Tips for Parents Child Safety
Backpack Safety Autumn Safety
Canoe Safety Summer Safety
Christmas Tree Safety Holiday Safety
Coping with Heat Stress Summer Safety
Cough Cold Medications Child Safety
Fall Prevention Elderly Home Safety
Firework Safety Summer Safety
Flu and Cold Winter Safety
Garage and Driveway Hazards Home Safety
Garden Landscaping Safety Summer Safety
Halloween Safety Holiday Safety
Head Up, Phone Down When Headed Back to School Autumn Safety
Helmet and Bike Safety Summer Safety
Help a Choking Child Child Safety
Hiking Safety Summer Safety
Holiday Hazards Holiday Safety
Holiday Safety Holiday Safety
Home Heating Tips Winter Safety
Home Safety Checklist Home Safety
Hunting Safety Autumn Safety
Keep Kids Warm When Its Cold Child Safety
Ladder Safety Home Safety
Lawn Mower Safety Summer Safety
Lead Poisoning Prevention Child Safety
Outdoor Cooking Safety Summer Safety
Playground Safety Child Safety
Poisoning Safety Home Safety
Prepare for a Power Outage Home Safety
Prevent Childhood Burns Child Safety
Prevent Childhood Vehicular Heat Stroke Child Safety
Prevent Suffocation in Infants Child Safety
Preventing Frostbite and Hypothermia Winter Safety
Preventing Overdoses Home Safety
Road Trip Safety Tips Summer Safety
Skiing Safety Winter Safety
Slips Trips Falls at Home Home Safety
Snow Blower Safety Winter Safety
Sports and Recreation Safety Autumn Safety
Summer Driving Safety Tips Summer Safety
Summer Safety for Kids Child Safety
Teen Drivers Autumn Safety
Toy Safety Holiday Safety
Water Safety Tips Child Safety
Weather Emergency Safety Summer Safety
Winter Driving Winter Safety