Alive at 25, Defensive Driving Course


Alive at 25 is a highly interactive 4.5-hour program targeted toward drivers under the age of 25 that helps young drivers take greater responsibility for their driving. Alive at 25 incorporates Reality Therapy and Choice™ Theory techniques to help participants identify the five basic needs that drive human behavior. Whereas driver education teaches the mechanics of car and road handling and state law, Alive at 25 focuses on behavior, judgment, decision making and consequences, and provides tools for making positive choices. All students who complete the course may qualify for an insurance discount and a point reduction.


RATES: Public course – $55, Court referred – $85


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Seatbelt Saves Her Life

Reprinted from the Glen Ullin Times, with permission

On July 21, 2005, at 7:13 am, a young lady was traveling east on I-94 heading to Bismarck to pick up her nephew for the weekend. Her name is Kylee Bittner and she wants to let everyone know her story and how a simple thing like buckling her seatbelt saved her life… [Read More]