This highly anticipated quarterly publication provides our customers with a comprehensive list of upcoming safety training dates and the latest course announcements. Customers often save the calendar to reference throughout the quarter as they coordinate their employees’ safety training.


Reach Safety Pros Across a Variety of Industries

Your ad will reach safety professionals, business owners, and workforce employees from all major North Dakota industries, including: construction, manufacturing, oil & gas, agriculture, city/county/state government, mining, transportation, health care, utilities, and more.


10,000 copies are distributed every quarter, including:

  • Quarterly Mailing: more than 8,500 copies are mailed to NDSC Members, safety directors, training coordinators, and business owners in North Dakota, Minnesota, South Dakota, Montana and beyond
  • Training Courses: trainers distribute 1,000 copies to students during NDSC safety courses
  • Industry Events: this publication is a main feature in NDSC booths at industry events
  • NDSC Member Packets: every member receives a copy when they join or renew their membership

All ads are full color and do not include bleeds unless specified in the chart above.



Purchase ads in 2 or 3 publications to receive a 5% discount.
Purchase ads in 4 publications to receive a 10% discount.


Distribution Dates & Deadlines

Publications are scheduled to be distributed:

Spring 2020 Publication

Distributed: March 2, 2020
Space Deadline: Feb. 5Reserve your ad space
Art Deadline: Feb. 13


Summer 2020 Publication

Distributed: June 1, 2020
Space Deadline: May 6
Art Deadline: May 14


Fall 2020 Publication
Distributed: September 2, 2020
Space Deadline: August 6
Art Deadline: August 13


Winter 2021 Publication
Distributed: Dec. 1, 2020
Space Deadline: November 6
Art Deadline: November 13


File Formats and Specifications

Acrobat PDFs are preferred. All photos and graphics should be CMYK. All photos 300 dpi at 100%. All bitmap images must be 600 dpi at 100%. Black text must be 100%, not registration black (four color black). All fonts embedded. Ads built in Photoshop may be sent as TIFF or EPS format (flattened before sending).


Disclaimer: The NDSC reserves the right to refuse advertisements we believe to be incompatible with our mission or that we deem competitive or contrary to the best interest of the company.