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Cell Phone Policy Kit Documents
Introduction.pdfIntroduction668 KB
Message From the President.pdfMessage From the President644 KB
Customizable Press Release.pdfCustomizable Press Release11 KB
Building Management Support Components
Generic Cell Phone Policy.pdfGeneric Cell Phone Policy631 KB
Frequently Asked Questions.pdfFrequently Asked Questions693 KB
Executive Summary Power Point .pdfExecutive Summary Power Point 503 KB
Executive Summary of Risks.pdfExecutive Summary of Risks695 KB
Employee Policy.pdfEmployee Policy696 KB
Call to Action.pdfCall to Action663 KB
Attributable Risk Estimate
Risk Estimate Summary.pdfRisk Estimate Summary104 KB
Risk Estimate Model.pdfRisk Estimate Model66 KB
Employee Roll-Out Components
Voice Mail Teaser to Employees.pdfVoice Mail Teaser to Employees630 KB
Voice Mail Greetings.pdfVoice Mail Greetings632 KB
Top 8 List.pdfTop 8 List633 KB
Tips.pdfTips663 KB
Presentation Script.pdfPresentation Script667 KB
Poster - Pull Over and Park.pdfPoster - Pull Over and Park1792 KB
Poster - Focus on Your Driving.pdfPoster - Focus on Your Driving1968 KB
Pocket Policy Card.pdfPocket Policy Card634 KB
Article to Inform.pdfArticle to Inform663 KB
Terry Weaver
Traffic Safety Manager
701-223-6372 (office)
800-932-8890 (toll free)
701-751-6106 (direct)
701-223-0087 (fax)
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