2020 Safety Conference Keynotes Announced!

From the opening session on Tuesday to the closing ceremony on Thursday, your days will be jam-packed with some of the most sought-after trainers and emerging thought leaders in the world of safety, leadership and communication. These keynote speakers are just the tip of the iceberg!

Tuesday Keynote: TERRY GRAY

The Safety Man Movement
Terry has worked as a pipefitter for nearly two decades and delivered presentations to thousands across the country. During this exciting opening session address, he will drive home the message that it doesn’t matter who you are or what your title is, everyone has a role to play in safety. His motto is, “The SAFETY MAN is no longer one individual, but many individuals that are ONE.” You’ll want to bring your whole team to hear this presentation!



Wednesday Keynote: VINCE POSCENTE

Big Goals in Short Order
During this motivational, entertaining and informative presentation, you will be taken on a rollercoaster ride of stories as you overcome a parachute malfunction, brace yourself as you rocket down the mountain at 135 mph on skis in the Olympic Winter Games, and experience summiting unclimbed peaks in the Himalayas. Vince’s high energy style combines motivating insights, practical leadership tools and entertaining platform skills that will help you set big goals while achieving them in half the expected time.


Thursday Keynote: JOE SCHMIT

Impact Leadership
Do you have a team that needs inspiring? Or a manager that has forgotten the valuable impact they have in your organization? Bring them to this high energy presentation where Joe will inspire and help them discover how to ramp up the profound power of their influence. When you become more aware and intentional with the impact you have as a leader, it will improve your bottom line and your R.O.I. – Return On Impact. Impact Leadership is a blueprint to help improve company culture, develop a high-performance team, and make you a leader of significance.

These are just a few of the first-class trainers you’ll get the privilege of learning from at the 2020 conference. Our lineup includes more than 50 instructors and 107 workshops and breakout sessions designed to engage, inspire and equip you to build a safer workplace.

Registration will open soon. Watch your inbox for details!